Tawney Bubbles goes to Hong Kong

Tawney Bubbles Goes To Hong Kong

Balloon HorseTawney and the Airigami team, including balloon artists, Larry Moss, Todd Neufeld, and Troy Aprill, headed to Hong Kong in March of 2008 to create a massive balloon display in Celebration of the upcoming Olympics in Beijing. The display included an 18ft horse, a 6ft Easter Bunny, a 6ft chicken,* as well as several other Easter and Olympic themed sculptures.  In addition to the display, five balloon dresses were created for a balloon fashion show.

A note from Tawney Bubbles: We were told all of the models were famous entertainers.  Since none of us speak Chinese, nor have, in fact ever seen Chinese television, we can neither confirm nor deny these rumors.  However, each of the models did come with their her entourage and bevy of excited teenage girls, so we assume the rumors to be true.

Hong Kong Newspaper

*Tawney Still doesn’t know what a chicken has to do with Easter.