Chainsaw Bunny

Tawney Bubbles is a passionate balloon artist and entertainer – but she’s not your average balloon twister! Tawney specializes in the artistic creation of balloon costumes, apparel and couture! Her exuberant, fun designs have been featured on runways from Hong Kong and Japan to Belgium and state-wide across the U.S. (including New York, Las Vegas, etc.). Her years of experience and her outgoing, warm personality have made her a true professional in the balloon fashion scene – she is not only pleasant to work with but also incredibly talented! Tawney also possesses an instinctive ability to understand her clients’ needs at different events and she caters to each group’s individual requirements, whether they would like to keep things sophisticated yet fun, or all-out whimsical!

Starting out as a children’s entertainer, in the beginning, Tawney mainly focused on entertaining at children’s events, brightening up the party wherever she went! Today, Tawney has diversified her art to include a variety of different creations for children and adults alike! From corporate events to night club openings, as well as a variety of “grown-up” venues and events, Tawney always makes a big impact on the atmosphere! Her fabulous works of art lighten up the environment and breaks the ice at even the most formal and seemingly dull events.

Tawney’s creations have drawn a lot of attention from the entertainment industry as well as from the fashion world. Her balloon fashion shows around the world, and her most recent participation in the Circus Couture fashion show in 2014, have made her a big name on the balloon fashion scene. She has worked with numerous celebrities and well renowned companies, most notably Tyra Banks, for whom she created a life-sized balloon Howard Stern, on her well renowned television show. She has also entertained at various exclusive events (such as the congressional barbecue at the White House, the Dallas Maverick’s VIP party and the APM Olympic celebrations in Hong Kong, in 2011).

Among her many events, Tawney has also made time to work with numerous organisations that aim to benefit various communities, such as the Airigami Fundraising Project, with which she has worked to raise over $20,000 for many different charities! Inspired by the joy that balloons bring, Tawney’s desire to share this joy with the world shines through her work. She has a true appreciation for the art of balloon twisting, and chooses each balloon she uses in her creations to compliment not only the final unique design, but also its wearer and the event it has been created for! From elegant, simple designs, to the more exaggerated eye-catchingpieces, Tawney is able to work within the stylistic requirements and color schemes of various events and individuals!

Tawney’s creations can add that ever elusive “je ne sais quoi” to absolutely any event, lifting the spirits of all the attendees and bringing a much needed fun, light hearted element to the social gathering!