Mitzvah entertainment in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Mitzvah entertainment

One of the most fascinating things about balloon fashion/art is its versatility. Not only does balloon art present endless possibilities in terms of form, shape and design, but it also manages to appeal to a wide range of audiences, as well as provide entertainment in a vast variety of events! As a balloon artist with years of experience, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in many different gatherings, including numerous Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Bat/Bar Mitzvah events mark an important stage in every Jewish child’s life. Because of the significance of the event, many parents are often under a lot of pressure to celebrate the occasions with fun, entertaining and memorable parties. In their search for entertainment that is both fun and appropriate for the occasion and for all the guests (usually of varying age groups), many Bat/Bar Mitzvah organizers/parents see balloon art/fashion as an exciting addition to the event. Perhaps because of the art form’s ability to appeal to all age groups and to add a fun, whimsical element to the festivities, balloon art has recently become one of the most popular forms of Bat/Bar Mitzvah entertainment.Unique entertainment Bar Mitzvah

The list of balloon objects and accessories that I have made for Bat/Bar Mitzvahs is endless; my experience ranges from exciting, fun hats to elaborate, detailed sculptures. While some event planners/parents prefer the objects and sculptures to be pre-made ahead of the party (in this case, I often bring in all the balloons at once; this makes for an awe-inspiring sight), others prefer the whole balloon designing and making process to be a part of the event’s activities (in this case, I entertain the guests and make custom sculptures and accessories for each guest). Both scenarios definitely have their appeal – in the first, parents have more control over every single object made (color, shape, size) and so the party can have a very uniform theme and look, and in the second, the guests are entertained by the whole process and can each chose a sculpture/object of their choice (making them feel more a part of the festivities).

Best Balloons2579159853637309288The great thing about balloon art is that it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Whenever I entertain at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs it’s always great to see how all the guests interact over the balloons – they’re always a great talking point and always brighten up the atmosphere of the party!

Although no Bat/Bar Mitzvah is exactly like the other, I’ve developed a good understanding of the event and its most significant moments. Having entertained at several Bat/Bar Mitzvah parties at Temple Beth Sholom (Las Vegas), I’ve learned a lot about the ceremony proceedings. For example, I understand when it is appropriate to stop making balloons in order for the Candle Lighting Service, speeches, or other important moments to have the guests’ full and undivided attention. While the balloons often become a large part of the party, I arrange my activities in such a way that the guests are able to let loose and have some fun without being distracted from the main purpose and the importance of the event!

I’ve always had a splendid time entertaining at these events and I’m looking forward to designing and creating ever more unique, interesting and fun balloon art at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in the future!