Las Vegas Wonderground

The Balloon Fashion Show at the Las Vegas Wonderground

The Wonderground, one of Las Vegas’s more unique and trendy nightclubs, hosted a fashion show November 11th featuring five elaborate new designs by Tawney Bubbles. The dresses for this particular event took over 25 hours to create, and used almost 2000 balloons. The show was hailed by Las Vegas Wonderground creator Jeff McBride as, “an amazing showcase of skill and elegance.”

Gothic Las Vegas: The Gothic Las Vegas design features a white bodice with black and red trim, made out of approximately 400 uninflated balloons. The bodice is held together using wire boning to create a frame, and fit the shape and contour of Miss Lavine. The top was originally used for a balloon fashion show in Europe, and was revamped to fit the darker motif of this particular balloon dress. A different skirt was going to be used for this dress, unfortunately do to the nature of balloons, the original was attacked by a nasty door frame and was irreparable. The skirt that is shown, was made less than ten minutes before the show.


Go-Go Dancer: This glitzy three-tiered dress inspired by the famous go-go dancers of the 70s used about 200 balloons. Worn by Las Vegas go-go dancer Melanie Kramer, the flared skirt allowed her to dance the night away in the swanky Las Vegas nightclub.

The Amazon Queen

Amazon Queen: Kelvikta the Blade models this Amazonian outfit while swallowing a sword. In this design the uninflated balloons hang over the empire bodice allowing just a hint of skin to show threw creating a suggestive, but classy feel. Kelvikta, a very talented and unique performer is appearing Wednesday-Saturday in the new show “Freaks,” on the Las Vegas strip. Located inside O’Shea’s. “Freaks” is a variety show of bizarre behaviors including human shish-kabobs, glass eating, knife throwing and sword swallowing.

Evening Gown: Over 700 balloons and eight hours of labor went into this mermaid style evening gown. Modeled by Michelle Obama, this elegant and graceful dress is accessorized with a balloon feather boa to match the red accents bursting out of a slit in the balloon dress, and shows Las Vegas’s classier side. The weight of the red uninflated balloons in the front of the balloon dress caused the dress to sag in the front. Water balloons had to be attached to the back of the dress to counterbalance the weight. In total, the dress weighed over 10 pounds.

Princess: The sweet, charming style of this simple, yet lovely dress, used about 100 balloons. Accented with wings and a flower garland this summery ensemble was made in about three hours. It is modeled by local Las Vegas artist, Keri Andrews.