Balloon Fashion

Las Vegas Wonderground Balloon Fashion Show


The balloon fashion show was held on November 11th 2008 inside the popular Las Vegas Wonderground nightclub. The balloon dresses were part of the festivities celebrating magic and art.

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Fashion Show in Belgium

Fashion Show in Belgium

This balloon fashion show took place in Belgium as part of the Millennium Jam celebration.

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Las Vegas Balloon Fashion Show

The Las Vegas Fashion Show

This balloon dress was created for a Las Vegas fashion show at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.

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Balloon Fashion Show in China

The Fashion Show In Hangzhou, China

The balloon fashion show in Belgium was part of China’s Golden Week holiday festivities.  The show was held in the city of Hangzou.

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Balloon Fashion Show in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fashion Show

This Hong Kong balloon fashion show was in honor of the Olympics.  The balloon dresses were all worn by famous actors, musicians, and television stars in Hong Kong… or at least that was what I was told.

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Other Balloon Fashions

Other Balloon Fashions

Check out Tawney’s other fun balloon fashions!

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