Balloon Fashion Show at Wonderground February 2013
Balloon Fashion Show at Wonderground February 2013

For those of you out there unfamiliar with Wonderground, it’s an offbeat lounge with a cabaret theme.  The first show starts at 8pm and continues through the night with a myriad collection of players performing everything from magic tricks to fire eating. If you really lucky, you’ll be there on a night when you can catch Zamora the Torture King stick a needle through his arm! I’ve watched the Wonderground grow from it’s humble beginnings at the Palace Station, to the full blown display of razzle-dazzle it is today. I’m hoping they insert a tightrope soon, but that’s mostly because I just discovered the word funambulist, and want an excuse to use it in a sentence.


I’ve performed at the Wonderground a few times, and as my New Years resolution was to get better at updating my website (clearly I’m not doing so well) I thought I’d write an article about my experience there! While I have performed my balloon act there a few times, what I have mostly done is balloon fashion. Which is exactly what I did last Thursday. With the help of my lovely models Melanie Kramer, Katherine Leigh, and Serina Relheo, I was able to put on a really fun fashion show.  The dresses took about 16 hours to make and used about 400 balloons.

This was of course, not the first show I had done for Wondergound.  About a year before, I created this show…

I knew I wanted to go with a color scheme of red, white, and black, but I wanted each of the dresses to be unique.  So I went with a pirouette clown, a super hero, a geisha girl, and a lion tamer.  If you knew these girls, you would know how well it fit all of their personalities.


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