Tawney In a Giant BalloonThe Tawney Bubbles Balloon Show!

It’s a high energy show incorporating elements of magic and storytelling into a stunning balloon show that is guaranteed to have children screaming with laughter and amusement! Performed at schools, libraries and children’s events across the U.S., the show has become a favorite among children, parents and educators alike!

Balloon Show Tawney Bubbles

Because it involves a large amount of audience participation, there’s truly never a dull moment! Initially cautious, curious children come out of their shells as they’re blown away by a spectacular performance – who knew there were so many things that one could do with balloons?! As they grow more confident in participating and feel themselves as part of the performance, the show becomes an interactive experience. This is particularly apparent in the last act of the show, in which Tawney Bubbles climbs inside a giant balloon; there’s sheer and utter amusement as the children witness the scene and then a burst of uncontrollable laughter as she pops the balloon to set herself free – the children are completely engaged with the show!

The Tawney Bubbles ShowThe Tawney Bubbles balloon show is pure entertainment and manages to get such great results from kids because of its fun, light-hearted feel and mind-blowing balloon creations. Tawney is not only a phenomenal balloon artist, but also has a knack for understanding children and for keeping their attention focused on her throughout the show – and it’s not just the kids who have a blast!

Despite being aimed at children, the show appeals to family audiences and can be incredibly fun for parents to experience with their children! The humor, balloons and tricks in the show are often as new to the adults as they are to the children, but what often makes the shows even more of a memorable experience for parents and children alike, is that the show is a great bonding experience. What better way to bond with children than through a fun, entertaining balloon show?! Apart from being a great way for adults to unwind (as well as a great excuse for them to let out that inner child that lives within us all), it’s a fabulous experience watching the children react to Tawney’s performance!Magic show Las Vegas

The show gives children the opportunity to form positive memories through exciting experiences, whether it’s at their schools and libraries or at parties – all this while having the time of their lives! “Never, ever underestimate the importance of fun” – this Tawney Bubbles Balloon Show makes it obvious just how true that quote from Randy Pausch really is! What sets the tone for the whole performance is all the laughter and joy Tawney brings to the audience, as well as how much she herself enjoys it! A truly passionate balloon artist’s joy and pride from doing what they love always shines through in their work!