First Place At An International Balloon Competition
First Place At An International Balloon Competition

Twist and Shout Balloon Costume
Having not competed in a balloon competition in over 12 years, I was a little nervous about resurfacing. Wow am I glad I did.  Getting to see other established balloon artists’ creations as well as meeting new artists on the scene gave everyone at the event a wonderfully diverse array of different balloon styles, techniques and ideas to marvel at. The Twist and Shout Balloon Convention this year provided the perfect platform for balloon artists and balloon-loving-spectators to witness just how creative, adaptable and flexible the art form really is, and to do so in a fun, lighthearted and pleasant atmosphere. Winning first at the event was absolutely fantastic, but it was the experience of the contest itself that truly made the event a memorable one!

The Winning Balloon Costume: A Balloon PeacockTwist and Shout Balloon Costume

Native to Asia, peafowl are stunning birds that have gained a reputation for beauty and elegance predominantly due to the gorgeous tail feathers on the male specimen of the species, the peacock. The bright, colorful and intricate designs of the peacock’s plumage made it the perfect choice for a balloon costume – not only was it a beautiful design to create, but it was also a complex enough design to provide an interesting challenge that would be amazingly fulfilling to accomplish!

The costume comprised of around 500 balloons of different shapes, sizes and colors (the main colors used were different shades of iridescent blues and greens). In creating the costume I tried to capture the grandeur and magnificence of the bird by including as much detail as I could into the large tail feathers and majestic head of the balloon peacock.

The Contest Details

Unique Peacock balloon costumeIn order to win first place in the contest, a balloon costume had to pass the scrutiny of both the audience, as well as the panel of international industry professionals – the results of these two categories of judging were then combined to produce the final scores. It was great to see that my balloon costume could appeal to both the audience who could appreciate its aesthetics, as well as the industry professionals who could understand the work and level of technique that went into the piece!

Balloon Dresses Las VegasIn addition to winning first place at the costume contest, a photo of a balloon dress I had created earlier in the year also won second place in Betallic’s Clever, Creative and Colorful Contest that was also held at the event (judging for this contest was done via photos submitted online)! Betallic’s is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality, unique and innovative foil and latex balloons, so I was thrilled to be able to take part in the contest and to win second place in it!

The Beauty Of Balloon Art ContestsBalloon Costume Peacock unique

As a balloon artist, creating ever more fascinating, entertaining and unique designs allows me to discover new ways of using the balloon medium – balloon art contests greatly help to facilitate this process by connecting the balloon art and entertainment community! Participating in balloon contests, as well as taking on exciting new projects, encourages me to grow as an artist – for me this is not only interesting but also incredibly fun!


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